a short story

In the last session of my sic class we had to write a short story with moral message. It was fun because everyone wrote something that was interesting. Well, I'd read a persian topic before, so, I translated it to English according to my message. When I read and translated my husband my writing, my husband laughed loudly. I think it's very interesting that I can write everything to English without looking to dictionary... 

At the library of a university, a young man asked a girl politely:" don't you mind if I sit beside you?" The girl replied very loudly:" I don't want to spend a night with you." All students looked at the embarrassed boy so the boy went to sit in another place. After a few minutes, the girl went towards the boy, she stood near the boy's table and said to him: " I'm studying psychology and I know all men when start a conversation with girls they exactly think to what thing, I guess, I make you embarrassed, is it right?" The boy answered too much loudly:" 200 dollars for a night?!! It's very expensive!" All people who were at the library looked at them very strangely and the poor girl was shocked by the boy's response.  The boy whispered in her ear: " I'm studying law and I know well how I have to present guilty one innocent person. "

The moral message: The biter bit 

Which means to farsi

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